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Book Some Gariepdam Activities

Gariep Boat Cruises

This is an activity for the whole family. Sit in some shadeand enjoy the view while covering quite a distance depending on your tour.Sites to visit are the dam wall and depending on the trip you booked alsoinclude cruising next to the “cost line”. The trips will provide greatphotography opportunities so remember to charge those batteries and clean yourmemory cards. Ideal for groups.

Adventure Trips

Take an Adventure trip on Gariep dam. Enjoy the wind throughyour hair with an action/adventure boat trip on the dam. There are always a fewthings happening on this adventure trip from visiting the dam wall with hugewindow like pillars/boxes creating “frames” for the karoo landscape on theother side to getting to see some wildlife with Gariepdam surrounded by naturereserves on all sides. Trips depend on weather and circumstances. 

Tjailatyd Restaurant

This restaurant with its relaxing atmosphere will steal your heart and will make you want to come back again and again. You can choose from our À la carte menu while enjoying our deck or inside areas with family and friends. The word “Tjailatyd” implies “time for a break after a hard day's work”. It implies that the time you've looking forward to has arrive and now you can spoil yourself and relax.

Eco Rollers

You will never know how much fun these Eco rollers are until you try it out for yourself. Contrary to your instincts it is not so hard to master the basics and when you start having fun you will want to come back for more. Take the Eco rollers with a guided tour in Forever Resort and experience this two-wheelers.

Gariepdam Wall Tours

You will be amazed by the number of halls, narrow paths and big spaces inside the dam wall. From a hall with an old film room to taking the escalator down some 6 floors to walking on the original Orange river bedrock right at the bottom or heal of the wall. Learn what it took to have sement pored 247 year in and out until they where finished. This activity is for the family that is ready for a few steps with adventure. 

Contact Information

Contact: 051 754 0190 

Tjailatyd Restaurant 

(Next to OK Minimark)   


Visit Gariep Inn website for accommodation

Accommodation: 051 754 0190

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